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Proper goal setting and self-control on poker success

Education is the key to our development. So it is very important to take training with all seriousness. If you think that you can simply read one chapter in the book, and also include music or a movie, the ability to earn money using poker is definitely not for you. In order to achieve results, it is necessary to make an effort. That is what distinguishes Dominic Morlais.
In order to understand what is at stake, consider just one day in the life of this great player. Dominic wakes up not very early – at 11 am. When he sits down to breakfast, he browses online training at various poker sites. This enables Dominic to tune in to the game not only in the mental sense, but also in the physical. After a meal, Dominic sits down for the analysis of the hands of the past day.
He pays special attention to the most successful and most unsuccessful hands, considering those cases in which he could collect a larger bank from his opponents, as well as those where the value of his opponents could not be paid. You can carry out the analysis with the help of many programs. Dominic prefers Flopzilla.
This application not only helps to analyze, but also save time on calculating the chances during a hand. Dominic has many students. Therefore, quite often he takes the time to consider their distributions. Strange as it may seem, but after analyzing the tasks, Dominic again goes to bed. It will surprise many, but this action has reasons.
This is due to the fact that during sleep, the human body rests, and the brain, on the contrary, continues its activity and processes the information received. Scientists say that the brain has a strange feature: the information that is received by the brain during the day is practically not remembered. Your memory can be enhanced training. As practice shows, the most suitable workout for putting off information in the brain is precisely a dream.

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