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Poker cryptography or multi-valued poker phrases

In real poker, phrases denoting key combinations are of paramount importance. Among the players used a large number of expressions that have different meanings. Such professional slang is not understandable to everyone and not the first time. As a rule, these expressions and signs exist only for a certain circle of people who often intend to play poker online or at the table.
Beginners are not able to determine the real meaning of these signs, as each individual group has its own style of play. All these signs, words, expressions are part of one common cryptography. To comprehend the basics of cryptography of this card game and make the most of money from poker, time and great interest are needed.
Features of poker cryptography
In this case, cryptography does not mean the spying art of writing descryptically, but the transfer of coded messages in poker. Many of them are generally accepted. For example, a rather frequent expression in poker is “I’ll stand next to you”. Most often, this phrase is said at the time of the call. This phrase was deciphered as “I have a losing hand, but I cannot lose it, since I came to play poker after a long break, not to fold. Maybe I’ll be lucky and I can beat you, tight doodles. ” Thus, the short phrase “I’ll stand next to each other” replaces several sentences.
Another no less popular phrase in poker cryptography is “I venture to bet”. The meaning of this phrase is also interpreted differently. However, in any case, it means: “I have a large number of good cards, and I am waiting for someone to answer my bet in order to unload”. Also a popular expression is “I’m thinking about a map.” A similar expression is usually sent to dealers. The essence of this phrase is very simple and clear. The player tries to make it clear that he has a draw he wants to use.
Surprisingly, these expressions had only one meaning in one game, so there was no doubt about the sincerity of the words. Most wonder why? After all, deception is the main part of the game of poker, which means that each player can use these expressions with a deceptive meaning, thus forming “false signs”. However, it is not. These expressions, no matter how simple they were to guess, had only one meaning.

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